21-30 31.
17-10-2008 21:47

Hey guys! Thanks for the invitation so much. I will try to come back as soon as possible. ;)

14-10-2008 16:13

Hi all!!! You know this is the first site, which i really like :) GOOD!

13-10-2008 20:52
Mia ( Japan , Japan )


21-11-2007 11:21
stephen price ( south wales )

I have just taken a look at the slideshows on Ms Watts website. I came  upon the site after visiting Portmeririon to see about booking the castell over christmas. Ms Watts is going to make my stay more enjoyable, I am sure I will bring back many works. Excellent stuff, look forward to coming back to see her works again.
stiffsteve fustrated artist

19-11-2007 18:24
Ann Start ( Borth-y-Gest , Wales )

We are away during the exhibition @ Portmeirion but would love to see her work---- we have a house at Borth y Gest and relatives have some of her work (given personally a long time ago) and I vividly remember them from childhood.

Please get in touch.

Thank you in anticipation         

10-03-2007 21:59
William Fitzgerald ( Alberta , Canada )

It is so nice to see Meryl Watts on the web.  I have two pieces of her work.  The White Rabit and The Chesnut Seller.  I bought them when I was in England in 1953 with my then wife.
I have just given them to my son to look after and he found your website.
I miss them now having seen more of her work but my son's wife loves them too so they will be loved for another generation.
I won't be for this world much longer but am happy that Meryl brightened up my time here.

13-11-2006 11:59
Anthea Dodswoth ( UK )

How nice to find a website for Meryl because as a great friend of my parents and grandparents, we knew her well and always enjoyed visiting and seeing her eclectic artistic endeavours. She always welcomed us if we were in the area. A very talented lady who also was a very good tennis player and then took up golf in her late 60's I should say. So full of life and then it was wonderful when she married. I look forward to seeing the website grow.

30-09-2006 13:46
Marcello Taranczewski ( Polland )

A very nice to see web more piktures to be good.
Meryl Watts may be friend of uncle of my. He die 1987 papers have Meryl name in.
email me to speek.

25-09-2006 10:46
Mark Eastment ( UK )

Delighted to see this site. Meryl Watts work is quite delightful and is to be included in our book on Portmeirion being published by the Antique Collectors Club in late October 2006.

20-09-2006 18:24
Brian Gilbert ( Canada )

I am doing research into the history of some artists and found your site. I will come back in a while as it is obvious the site is being built just now.
I love the cards.

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