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22-02-2017 22:21
Catriona McPherson ( New Zealand )

Dear Admin, I am attempting to contact the copyright holder of Meryl Watt's. The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa has a work by Meryl Watts in our permanent collection and are interested in reproducing it for museum uses. Would you be able to supply me with the contact details of the copyright holder? If so, please feel free to contact me on Catriona.mcpherson at tepapa.govt.nz Kind Regards, Catriona



Thank you Admin have contacted you directly for copyright confirmation.



25-11-2015 11:22
Alison Jacobs ( United Kingdom , United Kingdom )

Just to let people know there are 2 Meryl Watts paintings for sale on ebay as of today, if anyone's interested.

13-10-2015 11:38
Alison Jacobs ( United Kingdom )

I recently bought 3 of the postcards at Portmeirion so I'm very pleased to find out more about them. Maybe eventually I'll have a complete set.

03-10-2015 16:11
Kenneth Harvey ( Lincs , UK )

I have a Meryl Watts oil of bowl of Nicotiana in the window of my Grandmother's house, with view of bay at Borth Y Gest in background. My grandmother had moved to North Wales after her family home had been bombed; just the same as Meryl Watts; I guess they must have been friends. Isn't it interesting what you can discover in a few minutes on a computer.

20-11-2013 14:25
Akina ( Portugal )

I have just bought a numbered print - Chamaeleon No 26. I found it in a gallery in Lisbon and loved it but knew nothing about Meryl Watts. Thank you for your website her work is wonderful and having seen more of it will be on the look out for more.


Reply from Admin:

All of Meryl's wood cut prints were printed in batches of 50.  The number should read 26/50.  If there is no /50 after the 26 then you may have purchased one of her practic prints where she experiemented with colour for the best effect.  Also note that she almost invariably used pencil and not ink on those final 50.  Below are three examples the left is singned and numbered 21 the other two are testers.

Signed and numbered 21/50  Unsigned and unnumbered tester Unsigned and unnumbered Tester

26-06-2013 17:14
dom ( lancs , uk )

I have what I believe to be an original signed work by Meryl called "The End of the Cob". I would be interested if anybody was interested to look at it to see if you believe it is the same lady. Please send me your email address and I'll send you a high res photo if this is at all a possibility. many thanks Dom parmenter.

Reply from Admin:

I am sorry but this site can not offer an authentication service for Meryl's works.  For this to be done you should consult an art expert who will have access to material enabling them to give an educated opinion as to authentication.

26-04-2013 17:01
jay ( west midlands , uk )

Hi there all, just wondering how many prints were made off her work as i have a abstract boat print , i brought it from a little auction house. regards j

19-07-2012 21:40
Ian Layzell ( Cardiff , Wales )

I bought a collection of Meryl's postcards last year at a postcard fair in Cardiff - just because they looked so wonderful. At the time I wondered who Meryl was, and only today have I bothered to find out. Only today because I have been trying to work out how I should arrange and frame the collection - which is too good to be left in a box! Thanks to your website I know about Meryl and her work. I love the art of black and white woodcuts and pen and ink and for me she is a genius. Long Live Meryl!

04-02-2012 14:46
conor ( London , England )

I have been trying to use your 'contact' page but have not been able to due to some error on your server.Can you email me your contact details?Best wishes,Conor

14-04-2010 17:01

Hey how r u? nice to be here :) come back soon!

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